Overhead Storage

The next time you look at your belongings stacked or piled on your garage floor, look up. Imagine the volume of space between the ceiling and your head devoted to storage. Can you see your seasonal décor kept up on out of the way until your need it? How about camping supplies? Nothing misplaced and everything a stepstool away. Or what about bicycles or recreational equipment hanging securely above, easily accessible but away from potential damage.

Overhead Racks

Overhead storage racks literally steal space in your garage you haven’t been using. We install only high-quality sturdy rack systems, with each leg suspended from heavy-gauge brackets, each bolted securely to two ceiling joists. Available in multiple sizes and drops to fit your needs, our racks can support up to 600lbs each. Let us help you determine the perfect size and locations for racks to fit your needs. And we’ll install—you just need to load up when we’re done.

Overhead Recreational Storage

If you lead an active lifestyle, you may not have wall space to meet your equipment storage needs. Then look to ceiling. We can install solutions for overhead storage of bicycles, kayaks, or more. How can we creatively use these innovative storage products? Numerous overhead storage products not featured here are available, so if you’re not seeing what you may be looking for, please ask us. We can source and install for you.

Overhead Storage

Unique Design, Personalized Service

The lifestyle you store and keep at the ready in your garage is unique, just as your needs, tastes, and desires.  We listen to you and strive to design garage wall storage solutions for you and with you.  Get the garage storage you want.

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