If you’re like most of us, you expect too much of your garage. Belongings that don’t fit in the house? Put them in the garage. Tools—mechanics tools, yard tools, tools we never use—they go in the garage. Sporting goods—in the garage. Seasonal décor—the garage. Stuff in boxes we haven’t seen in years but can’t give up—yes, the garage. And if we don’t have enough garage storage space, where to many of these items wind up? You know it—on the floor. Maybe in neat stacks, maybe in piles—but on the floor, seeming to require more floorspace every day.

And then somehow, we also expect to park our cars between the stacks and piles.

Or we just give up on that.

It’s time to take back your garage! Get stuff off the floor and park the cars inside. Maybe you don’t expect too much of your garage.  Maybe you just need to put the right solutions to work. At Petroglyph Home Organizing Solutions, we can help you make that happen with custom-designed and installed garage storage systems.

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Every garage is unique, just as your needs, tastes, and desires.  We listen to you and strive to design for you and with you.  Get the garage makeover you want.

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